Build 137

Build 137 is now running on the server.

What’s changed:

Map Icons:

  • Added Map Icons to all unowned houses.
  • Added Map Icons to some of the business entrances.


  • To change your weapon loadout, you must visit an Ammunation now.
  • Weapon Kits have been redone, buy in bulk and save money.

Item Purchasing:

  • /shop has been deprecated.
  • You now must visit a 24-7 to refill your items.


  • You now have to buy drugs from the Crack Houses.
  • There is currently a Crack House in Dry Lake and Angel Pine (more coming soon).
  • You can still buy 25 grams of drugs from a 24-7 for a higher price.
  • The Crack Houses are marked on the map with a R.


  • If you send a PM with Nopm on, the server will warn you the first time you do it.
  • Added /total to view more detailed statistics of the total number of players online.
  • You can now select a random lotto number by using /lotto.
  • You can now carry up to 5 AD Pills at one time.
  • Made AD Pills and Body Armor cheaper to purchase.
  • All of your personal settings have been reset.  Use /settings to set them they way you want them.


Change in Versioning


The way the server is currently versioned is being changed.  Instead of cumulative updates piled into a large update, the versioning is being changed to Builds.  This way, the server will get updated more frequently.

The next build will be 137 (There have been exactly 136 revisions to the server so far).  Build 137 will be released soon.

Server issues fixed

The server was down for a week due to a dead hard drive issue.  Luckily our server provider had a backup of our disk contents and fixed the issue by replacing the hard disk in the server.

Everything on server is restored to about 30 minutes before the server crashed, so you should not have lost too much.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

Version 18.7

Version 18.7 is now on the server.


  • House prices now depend on the size of the house.
  • Increased the time before losing your house from not visiting it from 7 to 10 days.
  • Increased the maximum sell price for a house to $15,000,000.
  • Fixed a bug with owning houses.
  • Fixed a bug with quick strings not working if the text length in the chat was over a certain length.
  • You can no longer take drugs in a duel.
  • Fixed a bug with different duels happening in the same place at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug with accepting a duel while sending a duel invitation.
  • /info now shows if the player is in a duel.
  • Chat bubbles that show certain player actions now use the same distance as player name tags are shown.
  • More money based things are now based on the amount of players online.
  • Added /sfh to teleport to San Fierro Hospital.
  • Added /lsh to teleport to Los Santos Hospital.
  • Added /lvh to teleport to Las Venturas Hospital.

In other news, the SA-MP team decided to scrap SA-MP 0.3.8 in favor of a separate server and client versioned SA-MP 0.3.DL.  As of now, we will not be moving to this version unless we see widespread community adoption or until it gets merged into the main SA-MP update release.

Version 18.6

Version 18.6 is now on the server:

What’s changed:

  • Redid the positions of the following Duel Locations:
    • Duel Arena
    • The Warehouse
    • Meat Factory
    • Desert
    • Grove Street
    • LV Baseball Field
    • Bloodbowl Stadium
    • Easter Bay Airport
    • Foster Valley
    • Shady Creeks
    • LV Police Department
    • The Big Ear
    • Vinewood Tennis Court
    • LS Bus Station
    • Linden Station
    • Dry Lake
    • SF Drug Factory
    • Montgomery Intersection
    • SF Driving School
    • Conference Center
    • 1v1 Crew Farm
    • Angel Pine Beach
    • LS Tunnels
    • Palisades Pier
    • Abandoned Airport
    • Area 69
    • Santa Maria Beach
  • Other:
    • Increased the amount of money given for finding the money bag.
    • Increased the amount of money given for killing the bonus player.
    • As a reminder, a lot of things are based on the amount of players online.
    • Added a few new moneybag locations.

Version 18.5

Version 18.5 is on the server.

What’s changed:


  • Readded the Lotto Number selection.
  • You can select a number from 1 – 30.
  • Use /lotto [1 – 30] to select a number


  • Fixed a bug with the Bonus Skin model preview where the box behind the skin shown was black instead of transparent.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bonus Player event could sometimes randomly cancel under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a color bug with the Redzone Messages for players that have the Screen Messages on.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to enter a house that you own.
  • Other minor issues / typos fixed.

Version 18.4

Version 18.4 is now on the server.  This fixes a few issues and adds a few changes.

What’s Fixed / Changed:

  • New player colors per kill.
  • Fixed a bug with the lotto jackpot being higher than it should be.
  • Adjusted the demand price rate.
  • Reset the demand rate to the default rate.
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to enter your house under certain conditions.
  • Removed the Christmas Update from the server.

In other news, Version 19 is currently in development and is going to include new game play features that should keep things exciting for the future!


Christmas Update

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Christmas Update is live on the servers, so why don’t you join and have fun!


  • Santa has lost his reindeer and is looking for them.  Be nice to him and he might give you a gift.  Whatever you do, don’t be naughty towards him (he is armed).
  • Random gifts are spawning all over the place.  Find a gift package and enjoy!
  • Use /gifts for a list of current gift locations.
  • Everyone spawns with a random giftbox on their head (can be disabled with /hat).
  • Added more Christmas Trees than last year.
  • Use /tree to receive a gift from a Christmas Tree.
  • Added a huge Christmas tree to Dry Lake (/d).  Credits to tabarnak for designing the tree.
  • Discounts on houses for the duration of the event.
  • Made the chance of receiving a better quality gift a bit more than it was during the Halloween Update.

Have a safe Christmas!

Version 18.2

Version 18.2 includes a few fixes / changes.

What’s changed:

Class Selection:

  • Changed the location of Class Selection to the LV Gym Interior.
  • Redid all of the class selection textdraws.
  • Added the Skin Gender to class selection.


  • Fixed a bug with the Screen Messages sending blank chat messages for players that have them turned off.
  • Fixed a few typos with achievements.
  • Other Bug Fixes.

Version 18.1


Version 18.1 is now on the server, it consists of the following:


  • You can now toggle the clock inside of the HUD (above the health / armor bars).
  • Turning it off will prevent your time of day on the server from increasing.  Meaning you can always play during night time or day time.
  • Use /display to toggle the clock on or off.
  • When the clock is toggled off, use /mytime to set your time to a certain game hour.  Default Game Hour: 12
  • Players that have the clock off will receive hourly time updates in the chatbox.
  • Having the clock on will do the same as before (time of day changes).


  • Added $ks to get the player closest to you that is on any kill streak.
  • Quickstrings can now be used in Nick / ID commands.
    • Example: /pm $ply Hi! – Will pm the closest player to you.
  • Quickstrings that can be used in commands:
    • $ply – The closest player to you.
    • $dmg – The player you last gave damage to.
    • $ld – The player that last damaged you.
    • $ks – The player closest to you that is on a killstreak.


  • Fixed a bug with the Screen Messaging system redone in Version 18 sending blank messages to the chat.
  • Fixed a bug with using /leave in the /cbug2 arena.
  • Fixed other issues / bugs, etc.