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Account Security
Following these steps can help keep your account secure.

Admins will never ask for your password!!

The admins have absolutely no reason to ask for it, and you have absolutely no reason to provide it to anyone.
If anyone asks you for your login details, let one of the admins know.

Do not give your password to anyone!
Your password is yours. keep it secure. Do not share it with people.
Whatever happens to your account is your responsibility, no matter if it was you or someone else on your account.


  • Any punishment from admins.
  • Money missing, etc

Use a proper password!
Make sure your password is not easy to guess. “password123”, “qwerty”,your nickname or similar examples are not secure passwords!
Some simple, generic guidelines for a secure password are

  • Having a password that is longer than 6 characters (HelloWorld)
  • A mix of upper- and lowercase letters (HeLLoWoRlD)
  • Using numbers in your password (H3ll0W0r7D)

Do not:

  • Use a password you use elsewhere.
  • Use your username as a password.
  • Share your password with anyone at all.

Following these tips will help keep your account secure.