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Donate to help keep the server open to play!

Want to donate to the server to help hosting costs? All donations go 100% towards hosting costs of 1v1 Crew DM Server.

Benefits of helping the server comes with the following benefits:

  • 2x score per action.
  • Change your vehicle’s color.
  • Change your personal weather.
  • Allows you to play knowing you’re helping us exceed to the future.

Donating to help the server does NOT do the following:

  • Unban you from the server.
  • Give you special treatment from admins.
  • Anything else not listed from benefits.

Other conditions:

  • Chargebacks will result in an instant ban of your account.
  • Donations are not refundable.
  • Details about bills will not be made public for numerous reasons.
  • To prevent abuse of accounts, donating less than $5 USD will not give you donating player status on the server.

After donating, please do the following so that the Donator Status can be set in-game on the specified account:

  • Login here at the Forums if you haven't already with your in-game account data.
  • Send a private message to This User with your Paypal Transaction ID.

Please note it can take up to 48 hours for your in-game status to be set.

Thank you!