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Read this before posting here!
If you have been banned or suspended from the server and would like to appeal, please make a post here and wait for further instructions.

Bans last 7 days from the time you were banned.  Do NOT attempt to join the server with an active ban or you will be banned again.  If you are banned again, your 7 days starts from the time your new ban was issued.

Account suspension lengths are determined by the admin that issued the suspension.  As you are allowed to play on an unregistered account during this time frame, registering an account or playing on a registered account during a suspension will result in a ban (for ban information, please read above).

If you can't connect to the server (routing issue, range ban, etc), please make a post here and we will look into it for you.

Do NOT post your IP Address here!

If a post has nothing to do with you here, please do not reply to it.


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