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Build 161-R3

Build 161-R3 is now on the server.

Gravity Arena:
  • Use /gravity to go to the Gravity Arena.
  • The gravity here is less than anywhere else (meaning you can jump around).
  • This arena uses the new map voting system for Weapon Arenas.

Map Voting System:
  • Added Bandit Stadium to the Map Pool.
  • Fixed a bug with the Map Voting not working in /headshot properly.
  • Increased map voting time to 30 seconds.

Fixes / Other:
  • Fixed a bug with having an incorrect number of houses in /inventory.
  • Fixed weapon names in commands using an old weapon name list.
  • Fixed a bug where a player's ignore list might not get cleared properly under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where /info would show only Miles instead of Feet for short distances when Imperial Measurements is selected in /settings.
  • Increased the range a player has to be within an actor to interact a tiny bit.
  • Other tiny fixes since last release that are too minor to mention.

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